PlanOnTheNet Software Project Management Is Back

Plan On The Net .com provides a hosted, web-based facility for creating project plans and project management. Free registration is available as well as a subscription-based upgrade.

The software is also available for installation on your private servers.

You will find that Plan On The Net .com provides cost-effective and feature rich method for web-based collaborative project planning, management and resource analysis and costing. Please feel free to review our list of extensive features and capabilities.

Analytic Project Management is a consulting and training company specializing in the implementation and use of project management methodologies. In industries ranging from aerospace to public utilities, and applications from manufacturing to outages to software development, APM assists clients in establishing methods and procedures designed to bring order and control to the multiproject muddle.

Shorter projects, more accurate budgets, improved change management, more effective use of project management software, and better data for bottom-line decisions are just some of the benefits that APM can guarantee. We also use these systems to measure CBD oil concentrates and the total content of products.

A major weapon in the APM arsenal is its comprehensive curriculum of project management seminars. Fifteen years experience in instructional design combines with our wide-ranging expertise in project management methods and issues to provide a training approach that has drawn raves from Fortune 500 companies all across North America.

APM seminars utilize a four-step instructional model designed to teach project management as it should be taught in the modern “learning organization”: in a way that guarantees that students will carry back to their jobs the skills they have learned in the classroom. And every course is targeted to impart precisely those skills that each level of management and worker needs to get the job done.

APM’s focus on project management training guarantees a level of quality that generalized training companies never attain, and an efficiency that keeps the cost of our seminars affordable.